The Football Ramble
Est 2007. The most entertaining voice in football

The Dean Windass
Hall of Fame

William Garbutt

Went there for the cake, stayed for the football.

Azteca Stadium

Massive. Like, really, really big.

Lisbon Lions

A local team.  For local people.

Howard Kendall

Married to toffee.

Gary Lineker

Goal machine turned crisp ambassador.

The Mighty Magyars

Hungarian and proper good.

Enzo Francescoli

Inspired Zizou’s loins.

Fabrizio Ravanelli

The brave white feather.

Ken Aston

Dishing out cards since 1970

Leonidas da Silva

Rubber fellow.

Roberto Baggio

Divine ponytail, magical kicks.

Martin Palermo

Creaking Boca deity.

Sir Stanley Matthews

Sepia dribble merchant.

Claudio Caniggia

The son of the wind.

Kristine Lilly

Won a lot of ladycaps.

Gerd Muller

Shot so hard that the term “to muller it” comes from him. Possibly.

Match of the century

Get cramp just watching it.

Paolo Rossi

Phoenix-like talisman.

Nwankwo Kanu

Imagine it in dog years.

Frank Rijkaard

Hadjuk spit.