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FC Pro Vercelli

FC Pro Vercelli

Dominant force of early Italian football. Not so good now.

<p>To put into context Pro Vercelli’s achievements in Italian football, here’s a chart of the all time Serie A title winners. They come above some big names…


first of all let me apologize for my english.
I’d like to let you know a bit more about this early legend of italian footbal.
I’d like to let you know about how the 1910 title was stolen them by the HONEST internazionale from Milan…
Apart from irregularities during the season (check la stampa on line hemerotec, the final match was scheduled on April 24th but many players of Pro Vercelli where away for an army tourneament (definitely a different era!!!)  so Pro Vercelli asked
to postpone the match but the SUPER HONEST internazionale
As a protest Pro Vercelli decided to play the match with its fourth team made by 10-11 years-old kids….
The SUPER-HONEST obviously won but the funny thing is that they where able to get 3 goals from small kids… ( the match ended 10-3).
Last funny thing is the way this match (their first title ever) is described on their official website :
“nel 1910, arriva il primo scudetto, strappato alla Pro Vercelli dopo un velenoso spareggio”
“in 1910 the first scudetto arrives, torn (snatched) to Pro Vercelli after a vicious playoff”
I let you the comments on the “torn scudetto” and “vicious playoff”  to describe a match against 11 years old kids….
This is the way they started their glorious history and
after a century not so much is changed.
Hypocrisy and impunity since the beginning of time.


by LUIGI on 24 March 2011 at 01:10 PM

Thanks for your comment Luigi, interesting stuff!

by Luke on 08 April 2011 at 11:19 PM

Looking at getting back into serie B this year. 5 points behind automatic promotion playing promotion rivals this weekend

by Don Down Under on 18 April 2012 at 12:19 PM

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What nationality is the original Ronaldo?

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