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Trying to collect a national shirt for every country in FIFA,2014:index.php/forum/viewthread/.8841 2014-12-03T00:07:34Z 2014-12-03T00:08:21Z Caveman Ninja Hi! I’ve been lurking for a while but have only ever posted about technical ramble issues in the past. Anyway, I thought I’d introduce myself. My name’s Joe, I’m from Aberdeen, I support Nottingham Forest (Psycho’s staying the whole season, f**k Luke’s “Out by March” chat!).

Since World Cup 2010 I’ve been collecting international football shirts… it’s a challenge to collect an official jersey for every country in FIFA that’s consumed a lot of my life for the last few years. I’ve got a blog all about it if anyone likes pictures of obscure football shirts and the witterings of an idiot.

I made the papers here in Scotland a couple of years ago (3 newspapers actually - slow news day!). One of them spawned my nickname ‘Bachelor Joe’. Aye, cheers for that.

I do have a girlfriend actually. True story. She says that everyone should have a hobby. Keeper!

Anyway, hello smile

#Scorchio,2016:index.php/forum/viewthread/.9467 2016-07-19T14:24:45Z Juan Flo Evra It’s hot innit?

Just went for a stroll in the park to get out of the office, was on the phone & now ear is drenched in sweat. Just spent 10 mins in the toilets topless to cool down.

That’s how Brits cope with moderate high heat.

The OFFICIAL Pun XI,2010:index.php/forum/viewthread/.531 2010-10-12T09:46:24Z 2010-12-13T14:25:49Z Guillem Bauza's Gap Year in Hereford Another random game (inspired by that Dan Walker off the BBC) a <fill in the blank> XI.  He’s doing a Cake XI at the moment with players like Efan Ekoconut Cake and Roman Pavlova-chenko but i think a Biscuit XI is do-able too.  Preferably we could fill every position too.

I’ll start with Zvonimir Bourbon

Stadium p0rn,2013:index.php/forum/viewthread/.7169 2013-02-04T22:20:05Z 2013-02-04T22:27:29Z Jeremy Toohlalaan Apologies if the thread title is not adequate, feel free to edit.

I’ll keep this about current developments mostly, not any random stadium. Sports arenas included.

Some of the pics will be of fairly large resolution, when so I’ll mention this so you can open them in another tab so you can enjoy them in all their glory (when it’s worth it).

Here’s the brand new Olympic Ice Skating Centre in Sochi, ready for the 2014 winter Olympics. In the background is the future Olympic stadium, which is going to be a 2018 World Cup stadium too.




Sochi is brilliant - a winter mountain resort and a seaside resort with humid subtropical climate at the same time, 2018 should be great if it’s not too expensive (which some press articles seem to suggest).

Edit - damn the pics do get resized to ridiculously small sizes. Give the first one a proper view!

Podcast Journalists,2012:index.php/forum/viewthread/.6901 2012-11-13T14:35:57Z Mr Booze I listen to far too many football podcasts and find I have rather polarised views on the journos who appear on them. I either like them or hate them.

I’d be interested to know whom you like and dislike.

Favourite three:
1) Barney Ronay - genuinely funny and mild mannered man. My favourite by a long long distance
2) James Richardson - an all round nice guy
3) Barry Glenndenning & Dan Mason - both are happy to point out the hypocrisy in everyone

Worst three:
1) Gabriele Marcotti - believes something is true if he says it out loud. Wannabe bully, probably the fat kid who never got picked.
2) Alyson Rudd - screechy angry mum who spouts bollocks. Completely oblivious to her bias.
3) The Man Utd fan on ESPN podcast (John something) - far too cynical and biased

Other Podcasts Thread (AKA The WFPI Complaints thread),2011:index.php/forum/viewthread/.5132 2011-11-04T16:39:47Z 2014-06-08T20:26:39Z Oli Mercer I love the Ramble and have done since June 2009 and it will always be a favourite BUT other podcasts are out there. So what are some of your favourites?
For me I listen to:
Phil & Phils perfect 10
The Basketball Jones
Adam Catterall

And in the past I did listen to the Scott Mills one before realizing he’s a moron.

The TV Thread,2011:index.php/forum/viewthread/.4999 2011-10-15T23:38:05Z Maxim I couldn’t see the old TV Thread, assuming that it belonged to someone who got kicked or something. So here’s a new one.

I wanted to ask if any one had watched Romanzo Criminale, and, if so, is it worth watching? Looks pretty stylish and I’ve got it on Sky Player.

The Video Thread,2012:index.php/forum/viewthread/.6256 2012-06-06T11:41:37Z AViD A thread to post video stuff.

Having a quick stumble before an afternoon of chores, I came across this
Castell Video


A Shorter one here

Never heard of it before but it looks magnificent

Got anything Vid related that doesn’t fit any other thread?

The Technology Thread,2015:index.php/forum/viewthread/.8886 2015-01-12T21:55:29Z Yours, mine, leave it I couldn’t find a technology thread so i thought i’d start one to ask this question (apologies if there is already one but i’m being blind)...

Me and my flatmates bought a new tv recently and it was delivered today. It’s a 40 inch 4K LCD tv. I’ve just been flicking through some channels and i’ve noticed that when there is any kind of fast movement or the like, the picture sometimes appears to go slightly blocky or flicky. I’ve never actually owned a HD tv (I know, i’m a dinosaur) and this is probably the first time i’ve noticed something like this even after watching friends HD tvs. Is this a normal thing or is the picture setting?