The Football Ramble Forum The Football Ramble Forum en Copyright 2017 2017-03-28T01:45:00+00:00 The Bet of the Week - now with added poll! <p>Luke flippantly mentioned a couple of weeks back on the show that the listeners should do a wisdom of crowds poll to come up with a bet of the week. So I propose that we use the wisdom of our crowd to come up with a winning bet for next week! So throw ideas forward, let’s get a general consensus for the best one and then I’ll email it in around Tuesday/Wednesday and hopefully they’ll pick it.</p> <p>A few things to remember:</p> <p>- Keep it simple. They generally pick single bets that are easy enough to understand. The only time I can remember multipliers and handicaps and that sort of thing being used was this week, and that’s because the guy had won it the previous week so knew they had to use his bet no matter what.</p> <p>- It’s the Premier League preview show, so no matter how convinced you are that Luuk De Jong is going to score first in a PSV Eindhoven win, stick to Premier League games.</p> <p>- Use Bet365 for odds. </p> 2017-03-25T11:32:36+00:00 Discuss the most recent Ramble podcast <p>I figured it’s best to just have one generic thread for show discussion now, which will live in the stickies. Save us some admin and saves all of us a bit of mess.</p> <p><br /> Linford Grimes welcomes your comments</p> <p><img src=",f_auto,ar_3:2,c_fill/!/image/3038277479.jpg" alt="3038277479.jpg"} /> </p> 2017-02-10T11:04:49+00:00 The UK Politics thread <p>(with all due props to Cescy for this blatant rip off of his original US thread)</p> <p>I’m interested to know if any Ramblers are paid-up members of a political party, and why they are. From what it seems from Cescy’s thread, Ramble forumites as a demographic seem pretty ‘left’-leaning (as much as those political spectrum quizzes are any good) so do we have any Tories, UKIPers or BNPers in our midst? As the Rambleforce are a switched-on lot (by and large), It’d be quite nice to have some political discussion without it descending into YouTube-comment style bollocks.</p> <p>Some talking points, play fast and loose…</p> <p>-If an election were called tomorrow, for whom would you vote?<br /> -Gove’s Education Reforms. Absolute bollocks or absolute bollocks?<br /> -The Leveson deal - happy or fearful?<br /> -How worrying is Cameron’s immigration stance?<br /> -Are we actually all fucked, because politicians are basically all the same? </p> 2013-03-26T02:36:11+00:00 Project project <p>I’ve been digging around my facebook recently and came across a group called “Project Project”</p> <p>Upon further digging (And being terrified by DMD’s facebook profile picture), I remembered what this was about. Long time forumers (4 years+) might remember something we started in late 2012 when we decided to create a fictional footballer in the hopes of getting his name mentioned on sky or BT.</p> <p>The whole thing died pretty quickly, but I thought considering the internet (And these channels) are still as stupid as they were all the way back then, and even more news-hungry to keep the 24/7 media cycle working, who wants to have another go at this? </p> 2017-03-26T12:18:30+00:00 The TV Thread <p>I couldn’t see the old TV Thread, assuming that it belonged to someone who got kicked or something. So here’s a new one.</p> <p>I wanted to ask if any one had watched Romanzo Criminale, and, if so, is it worth watching? Looks pretty stylish and I’ve got it on Sky Player. </p> 2011-10-15T23:38:05+00:00 RAMBLE V. LAWRO II - Week 28 League Table Up - Cup table tonight - W29 Predictions please! <p>We’re BACK.</p> <p><img src="" alt="bucket1_zpskr7o8qok.jpeg"} /></p> <p>No need to announce your interest to play or anything, I’ll just note down your scores. </p> <p>This season I have a spreadsheet set up so this should mean quicker, more accurate scoring. </p> <p>ALSO NEW THIS SEASON:<br /> <strong>Community Shield Game</strong><br /> <strong>Extended FA Cup and League Cup games</strong><br /> <strong>Champions League Game</strong></p> <p>Not going to lie, he hurt us last season. Embarrassed us. We must take revenge.</p> <p><strong>Honours board 2015/16:</strong></p> <p>Premier League: Lawro<br /> FA Cup: gp543<br /> League Cup: Joe Totale<br /> EURO 2016: Sid </p> <p><strong>Honours board 2016/17</strong><br /> Community Shield: Sid and gp543 (shared)<br /> League Cup Final = RKMF vs Sid</p> <p><strong>Low Fi WEEK 25 TABLE</strong></p> <p>Lawro 218 + 15 = 233<br /> Marchisio 206 + 6 = 212<br /> Scorpio 186 + 21 = 207<br /> MattFool 200 + 6 = 206<br /> Wizard 187 + 18 = 205<br /> RKMF 198 + 6 = 204<br /> Ian K 193 + 6 = 199<br /> Sid 178 + 21 = 199<br /> Gp543 173 + 11 = 184<br /> Poch 170 + 14 = 184 <br /> Rick 173 + 6 = 179<br /> Bilic 172 + 7 = 179<br /> Nickperson 168 + 11 = 179<br /> AViD 175<br /> Hunter 166 + 9 = 175<br /> GFM 156 + 6 =162<br /> Ancien 152 + 10 = 162<br /> Lawduck 148 + 9 = 157<br /> Elberto 151 + 5 = 156<br /> SHF 137 + 13 = 150<br /> NBIAR 143</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2016-07-29T10:12:40+00:00 Football Manager 2017 <p>Beta is out tonight, if you pre-ordered. Approx 7pm.</p> <p>GO. </p> 2016-10-18T10:03:02+00:00 Other Podcasts Thread (AKA The WFPI Complaints thread) <p>I love the Ramble and have done since June 2009 and it will always be a favourite BUT other podcasts are out there. So what are some of your favourites?<br /> For me I listen to:<br /> Phil &amp; Phils perfect 10<br /> The Basketball Jones<br /> Adam Catterall</p> <p>And in the past I did listen to the Scott Mills one before realizing he’s a moron. </p> 2011-11-04T16:39:47+00:00 Cricket is here! Cricket is here! <p>The sun is shining.&nbsp; It’s the first test match of the summer.&nbsp; TMS is on the air.</p> <p>Nothing like a summer of cricket to get you through the football close season. </p> 2013-05-16T12:05:40+00:00 Robbie Keane Cup 11. Round of 16 draw up. <p><span style="font-size:16px;"><strong>Welcome to the Robbie Keane Cup 11.</p> <p>Draft Order and picks:</strong></span></p> <p>Pair L<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>Ancien homme toon:</b> Hislop, Burdisso, Cooper, N Hunter, Mertesacker, Deschamps, F Torres, Ze Roberto, Ronaldinho, Kanchelskis, Eto’o, Alex Ferguson.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>DMD:</b> Niemi, Helveg, Coco, Bould, Helmer, Simeone, Ian Wright, A Simonsen, Figo, Hoddle, Finidi George, Brian Clough.</span></p> <p>Pair A<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>I Bet That You Look Good on Zidane’s Floor:</b> Banks, Reuter, Chagas, McFarland, Schwarzenbeck, Gullit, Van Persie, Javi Martinez, Di Stafano, Paul McGrath, Foe, Helenio Herrera.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Nickperson:</b> P Schmeichel, Benarrivo, Carboni, P Thompson, Vierchowod, B Charlton, Le Tissier, Luca Toni, Schweinsteiger, Gary McAllister, Eric Bailly, Klopp. </span></p> <p>Pair B<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>RKMF:</b> Trautmann, Cafu, Portvliet, Foulkes, Berthold, Socrates, Rush, Rosicky, Xavi, Waddle, Kalou, Shankly.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Basil:</b> Van Der Sar, Burgnich, Maldera, Gary Cahill, Van Binst, Didi, Mark Hughes, Rufer, Puskas, Speed, John Obi Mikel, Conte.</span></p> <p>Pair C<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>neverbeeninariot:</b> Seaman, Bergomi, Pessotto, Tommy Smith, Koscielny, M Tardelli, A Sanchez, David Alaba, Gascoigne, Platt, Geremi, Aragones.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>big mean bunny:</b> P Reina, Thuram, Le Saux, Ehiogu, Luisao, Michael Laudrup, Tevez, Chapuisat, Pirlo, Parlour, Radebe, Graham Taylor.</span></p> <p>Pair D<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>Sid:</b> Southall, Zanetti, Tommy Gemmell, Moore, Boli, Ancelotti, Harry Kane, Kagawa, George Best, Steve McMahon, Gervinho, Sir Alf Ramsey.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Jeck:</b> Clemence, Zambrotta, Silvestre, Adams, M Babbel, Dunga, E Gudjohnsen, Lucio, Kaka, McClair, Cheick Tioté, Rafa Benitez.</span></p> <p>Pair E<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>Hunter:</b> Jennings, Dani Alves, Marzolini, Sol Campbell, Nesta, Gattuso, Anelka, Barzagli, Redondo, Beardsley, Bony, Revie.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Vincelot:</b> Shilton, Maicon, Serginho, R Ferdinand, Beckenbauer, Bryan Robson, Berbatov, Douglas Costa, Fabio Cannavaro, Ray Wilkins, Moses, Mazzarri.</span></p> <p>Pair F<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>¿Valderrama Wigs?:</b> Martyn, Panucci, Candela, Terry, R Koeman, Zidane, Sheringham, Oliseh, Eusebio, Gordon Strachan, Kolo Toure, Hitzfeld. </span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b> Maverick (formerly AViD):</b> Grobbelaar, Tassotti, V Anderson, Butcher, Sergio Ramos, Seedorf, Andy Cole, Ali Daei, Michael Essien, David Batty, Yobo, Prandelli.</span></p> <p>Pair G<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>Marchisio271:</b> Given, Gentile, Bridge, Jack Charlton, Chiellini, Matthaus, C Ronaldo, Luiz Gustavo, Nedved, Paul Merson, Ahmed Musa, Ranieri.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>shandy:</b> Hart, Oddo, Pernia, Carragher, Laurent Blanc, Rijkaard, Shearer, Makaay, Roberto Baggio, Rob Lee, Rigobert Song, Unai Emery.</span></p> <p>Pair H<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>Mauricio Pochettino’s Public Sex Hooligan:</b> Gregg, Gerets, Everaldo, Billy Wright, Rosato, Neeskens, Suarez, Keegan, Meazza, Dennis Wise, Lauren, Otto Rehhagel. </span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>gp543:</b> D James, Petrescu, G (NOT FRANCO) Baresi, Des Walker, Materazzi, Roy Keane, T Henry, Xabi Alonso, Rivaldo, Houghton, Brown Ideye, Jorge Jesus. </span></p> <p>Pair I<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>BigDan83:</b> Woods, Reiziger, Tarnat, Woodgate, Ferrara, Makelele, Cantona, Hargreaves, Maradona, Anders Limpar, Max Gradel, Pardew. </span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Hank Scorpio:</b> Bonetti, Candreva, Rava, Pallister, Hummels, Davids, Zola, Arturo Vidal, Ronaldo, Steve Bruce, Hossam Ghaly, Spalletti.</span></p> <p>Pair J<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>PaTriggsEvra:</b> Cudicini, Lichtsteiner, Byrne, L King, Ivanovic, Vieira, Van Nistelrooy, Robben, Ibrahimovic, Giggs, Djemba Djemba, Brendan Rodgers.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Wizard:</b> Stepney, Costacurta, Hapgood, E Hughes, A Hansen,&nbsp; Guardiola, Drogba, Van Bommel, Johan Cruyff, Paul Ince, Mark Fish, Venables. </span></p> <p>Pair K<br /> <span style="color:green;"><b>Swedish House Furniture:</b> Merrick, Cordoba, Steffen, Keown, F Sinclair, Souness, Rooney, Ribery, Dalglish, S McManaman, Okocha, Jimmy Hill.</span><br /> <span style="color:blue;"><b>Joe Totale:</b> Howard, Krol, Di Livio, Southgate, Mihajlovic,&nbsp; Sammer, Bergkamp, Lewandowski, Garrincha, J Barnes, Yaya Toure, Lobanovskyi.</span></p> 2017-01-10T17:24:18+00:00