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If you haven’t done it, it’s hard to imagine the nervy frisson that accompanies even the most mundane task during a European away fixture. Buying a beverage, operating public transport, actually reaching the stadium you’ve been able to see but get nowhere near for the last three hours; all those things we take for granted on English soil acquire a delicious degree of difficulty (and potential for disaster) when conducted on the continent. 

adidas aren’t ones to shirk a heavy challenge though, and with a new series of films are going to attempt to convey all the thrills, spills, patched denim jackets and brilliantly hatted police officers one is likely to encounter on the road, with a view to documenting the Europa League’s longest and most unusual journeys, as well as putting real travelling supporters in the spotlight.

If your club is competing this year, keep an eye out for a vid, but in the meantime feel free to accompany SK Rapid Wien fans on a snowy, architecturally inspiring trip to Dynamo Kiev. Who knows? You might end up planning a foray for yourselves. It’ll scare you half blind, but in a good way. And one thing’s for certain.

You’ll never experience anything like it again.


By Kelly Welles

adidas, Rapid Vienna, Dynamo Kiev

Here is a video of some of the things we got up to in Kiev for the Euros last summer.

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