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2 May 2016

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The Football Ramble show archive

Declaring for England

The Ramblers are back! Have a listen to their yap, if ya want. [email protected] for the mouth talk x

7 October 2013

Theatre of screams

Footy! Footy! Footy's gone mad, and the Ramble is here to gawp and point. Join us. [email protected] for all yer yap. Yap at us!

30 September 2013

The Football Ramble. Sponsored by Capital One

Hello team awesome! Thanks to Capital One, you've got an extra Ramble in your life this week - focusing on a fairly explosive round 3 of the Capital One Cup! Enjoy...

26 September 2013

The Ashley Young doubters syndicate

The Ramblers return! Because that's what we bloody do. [email protected] for all your jazztalk, hunks! x

23 September 2013

Falling in love is hard on the Ross Barkleys

The Ramblers are BACK, Jack! Get on it. [email protected] for all ya gassin'.

17 September 2013

Life’s a gas

The Ramblers are back in their Ramble romper suits, doing what comes natrually. Rambling. Hard. [email protected] for all yer yap!

10 September 2013

Do the Spellerman

...and everything returns to normal. The four Ramblemen of the football apocalypse are back together for the first time this season, with plenty of transfer twaddle to chuck your way. As always, [email protected] for all yer yap.

4 September 2013

A dollar short

Apologies for lateness, we were waiting for ol' Ringworm Jim to get back but then he got ill like a big girl. for all ya yap.

29 August 2013

Mobius Steve

Steve Bruce's face is like a Mobius Strip. Football in the Premier League is back. Mutiny, I Promise You.

20 August 2013

Don’t burn the children

Never burn the children. The Ramble is back....kinda. Jim's in Edinburgh, the naughty sod. He'll be back soon, though. [email protected] for all your correspondence. And remember, Absolute Radio brings you all the action from this weekend's Premier League matches - including their commentary match, West Ham versus Cardiff. Check them out over here:

13 August 2013

Becali behind bars

Last Ramble of the season! Rejoice! Cry! Do whatever the hell you want, 'cos we're on the beach.

27 May 2013

And all the girls at school fancied him

Ramble! Assemble! The penultimate ramble of the season sees the fabulous four take another lolsome look at the week's matches.

20 May 2013
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