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Premier League Preview Show: 12th Feb 2016

11 February 2016

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The Football Ramble show archive

It belongs in the television now

Marcus is back, after being kicked out of Vietnam for being reprehensible. As always, [email protected] for all ya gassin'.

26 February 2013

Experience times problem

Bash! One more week until we get our Spellerman back. Can't wait. [email protected] for all yer gobbage. Ta! x

19 February 2013

Camp Noon

With old father Marcus still in Vietnam making the most of his sex tourist visa, Pete Luke and Jim mend and make do in his absence. [email protected] for your chitter chatz.

11 February 2013

Yeah, we didn’t think Marcus did all that much either

And so Marcus (the big fat quitter) buggers off East for some kind of gun show and the remaining three have to somehow make a Ramble out of bits of old twig and spit. Pete's gonna try and be Marcus next week, so maybe skip the next one and meet us back here in a couple of weeks, 'kay? [email protected] for all your pelters. Love you! x

4 February 2013

A lack of respect

The FA CUP is back! And it's all shiny again.

29 January 2013

Shut up Eddie

You are. No, YOU ARE! The Ramblers do some world-class shouting for an hour and you might like to have a listen in. [email protected] for all yer yap.

21 January 2013

Tiago time

The Ramblecockles are back in da area, and ready to shoot some breeze, soccer-style. [email protected] for all yer gas and that.

14 January 2013

You were hard as stone. Solid stone. For me.

Darling I love you! The Ramblers are back for 2013....

8 January 2013

Christmas Scullyduggery

The one where Luke turned up.

17 December 2012

Gallantry and Gauloises

Another Luke-light Ramble reaches your ears thanks to Marcus, Pete and Jim. Never fear, he'll be back very, very soon indeed. [email protected] for all yer festive chatternacks.

11 December 2012

The EU crybaby mountain

Lukey's back with his lovely beard, and his even lovelier opinions. [email protected] for all of yours...

5 December 2012

Total admin

Lukey isn't very well, so the Ramblettes are forced to plough on without our sweet Prince.

27 November 2012
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