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16 December 2014

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The Football Ramble show archive

Midnite Vultures

Team Ramble celebrate another eventful weekend in the life of that thing we sometimes refer to as 'football' with another hour of japes, jokes and jockstraps. Jim does a funny voice at the end, which scares the life out of Pete, and Marcus uses a vulgar term for sex, which shocks Luke. Business as usual, then. Say hello at [email protected]

27 September 2011

A weekend of slips

Rambleforce.....assemble! The boys are back in Ramble HQ, and they're ready to talk footypops to you. And you. And even you! This week, the old guard are popping up with some decent hits - Nobby Solano and Kevin Phillips to name but two, Karl Henry and Joey Barton resume their bi-annual bromance, and Birmingham get a bit of a shoeing in the Championship. [email protected] for all your news and nonsense from wherever you might be enjoying the round ball game

21 September 2011

Watching wives

The four Ramblers find themselves faced with headlines such as 'Harry for England' and 'Balotelli visits prison', and naturally decide that they're not gonna have to exert themselves too much this week. As always, [email protected] for all your dispatches from the touchline. Also, do have a shufty at our website - it's one year old this week. Awwww.

13 September 2011

Sportive lemur

The Ramblers are back once more, but this time as the lesser-spotted four piece! This week, Chile and Spain get as tasty as their food, another San Marino team are put to the sword, and your emails almost put Pete in hospital. [email protected] for all your chit-chat and associated what-nottery.

7 September 2011

Difficult Days

In a bit of transfer deadline day madness, The Ramble welcome back Jim but lose Pete for a week. There's talk of Arsenal's ten goal thriller at Old Trafford, Edin Dzeko's haul and (incredibly) yet another ex-footballing teacher. Elsewhere, a player absolutely Pandevs a teammate with a piece of crockery. Send all your emails to [email protected], and we'll be back with a full complement of Ramblers next week.

31 August 2011

Drei Kerle, eine Schale

The guys hose themselves down after an afternoon in the stands, good old Warnock alienates five thousand supporters, and Paulo Di Canio eats a nightmare. Of course our email address is [email protected] Say hello, won't ya?

24 August 2011

Hashtag: gutted

Still one man down, the Ramblers take in the opening day of the Premier League, the Supercopa de EspaƱa, and they find out that the Becali apple doesn't fall far from the metaphor tree.

17 August 2011

Robin Van Punchie

The boys return (sans Jim) for the second pod of the season - taking in the Community Shield, the start of the Football League and the first few games in that land mass pedants like to call 'Europe'. As always, [email protected] for all ya chitter-chat and stories from the terraces.

10 August 2011

Boys of summer

Hello, hello - it's good to be back! The Ramblers pile into a steaming hot RambleHQ with tales of transfer whatnottery, ill-advised backheels, and the long-awaited FIFA shakedown. As always, [email protected] for all your emails, pictures of horses and that. Man, this feels awesome.

3 August 2011

The Ice Rabbit cometh

The final Ramble of the season! The boys from da hood take a less than well-earned break, but not before smashing out some truth bombs into your unsuspecting earholes. We'll be back August 3rd, but until then we can still be reached on [email protected] Have a brilliant summer, people!

31 May 2011

Grabbing the Rossi by the horns

The four ramblemen take in the final weekend in the English top-flight, and look forward to the Champio-leagio-finallio (which is what it should totally be called) As always, [email protected] for your emails, and get ready for the final show of the season, where Luke has promised to do it in the Nuddy McRuddy.

24 May 2011

Berence Brent Barby

Goldilocks is back from her Jordanian adventure, so we're back to full strength once more, as the FA Cup gets all won up all nice, El Diego makes a welcome return to his corner, and Pete falls in love with a West Ham youngster.

18 May 2011
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