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The egg and sack race

5 October 2015

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Swedish royal princess

So, mere days away from the start of Euro 2012, the boys are in high spirits, like Jon Parkin on a day off. With it being the last profile of the season, we thought we'd go out with a bang - an extra long profile for your ears. That'll tide you over until Thursday... If you'd like to say hello, be our guest - [email protected] for all of that.

30 May 2012

Uploaded by John Terry

The season may very well be over, but there's plenty to talk about in Rambletown. So strap yourself in, and get ready to get psyched, cakeface. [email protected] for all your email action.

23 May 2012

Kevin ist kein name sondern eine diagnose

No sooner have the Ramblers put their trousers back on after the most pant-dampening Premier League final day in recent memory, another pod has to be podded. We hope you enjoy it! As always [email protected] for all your hot gossip, chatternacks, and whispers.

15 May 2012

Baldy beard beard

Well, with only two Rambles left of the domestic season, the Ramblers took it upon themselves to turn up for the record a bit loopy, to be honest. We just about got through it intact, but you might not. Apologies! As always, [email protected] for all you chitter-chatzos. Love to ya mothaz. Peace.

9 May 2012

Woy the buoyed

So, Mr Hodgson is finally the bride! So much to squeeze in on this weeks show, hopefully we haven't missed anything too lol-some out. As always, [email protected] for all your chit...and indeed your chat. We love you and want to do a sex on you.

1 May 2012

The Wilhelm-Torres scream

Easy now! It's Ramble time and you're quite welcome to it - on the show Pete attempts to make up for his Sunderland transgressions on the last pod in the least effective way possible, we all pitch in with tall tales from the rail network, and we induct a true great into the DWHOF. Super. [email protected] for all your correspondence. We unfortunately can't return any of your drawings.

25 April 2012

John Roder celebrate

The Ramblers climb upon the Ramblehorse once more, fresh from no less than two FA Cup matches. As always, if you'd like to get in touch and slam us upside the head with some chitter-chat, feel free... [email protected] for all of that.

17 April 2012

No swearing in the profile

Boosh! As we head into the final furlong of the oddest football season in recent memory, another Ramble smashes forth from its eggy birth-mess, and climbs into your ears. In a nice way, though. [email protected] for all your chitter-chatter-chiffle-choff.

11 April 2012

Mouldmasters of the universe

'This question has brought out the absolute worst in us' says Lukey Moore a couple of minutes in, and we imagine the world can only sit there and agree. Thanks for listening to this absolute gob for 5 years. [email protected] for all your drawings of Luke's german sausage.

4 April 2012

Professor unit

Easy Ruzzles! It's the Football Ramble, it's back again all nice in your ears - this week talk turns to plans for Real Madrid Island, Pulis and his shiny brass testicles, plus Paulo Di Canio. [email protected] for all your drawings, poems and video clips of dogs doing funny things.

28 March 2012

Shreeves Tuesday

Another week of soccerballs laid bare by some Ramblefolk - we talk FC Schalke 04, Metalist Kharkov, and Rickie Lambert (celebrate.) If you'd like to say 'hi', be our guest - [email protected]

21 March 2012

Diamond Lights

Upload when we want....upload when we want! We're the Ramble, we upload when we want. Apologies for lateness, we wanted to finish watching that Chelsea match. As always, [email protected] for maximum email-iness.

14 March 2012
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