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Premier League Preview Show: 27 Nov 2015

27 November 2015

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The Football Ramble show archive

Since the year dot

An international break in the football world does not equal a break in the Ramble world, and we recklessly dive in head first and frolic in the tepid waters of the Beautiful Game yet again, only this time without Pete who's nipped off to LA to have his teeth whitened.

11 September 2012

Backtrack attack

Not a podcast for the not-Pete side of the city. The boys are back in town with guffaws, titters and giggles. [email protected] for all yer mouth-talk.

4 September 2012

You two stop running

Jim's back from Edinburgers, and he's ready to get amongst the footballery this week, the workshy fop. [email protected] to say hullo, like.

28 August 2012

Eaten alive

The greatest league the world has ever known, or ever will know is back - and the Ramblers run the rule all over its sorry behind. Warning: contains laboured puns about dead neurologists.

20 August 2012

Heebie GBs

The football season may have begun with a whimper, but fear not - the Ramble (sans that workshy fop Jim) are back to run the rule over the kicking and shooting and defending and falling over. [email protected] for all your correspondence - also #footballramble to get on the show. Welcome back!

13 August 2012

2012-13 Community Shield preview

The end of the European Championships! The boys (minus Pete) run the rule over an excellent tournament and there are of course those dreaded predictions to be unveiled...

2 July 2012

Hacer historia

The second-to-last Ramble of the Euro 2012 tournament, people! We're more pumped than a very pumped thing over here, and hope you are too! [email protected] for all your emails! Smashing.

30 June 2012

The lazy tour of eleven idle apprentices

So, the boys shut up shop against Italy, which cost them dearly. But not to worry, still plenty of this fabulous tournament still to go... [email protected] for all your chitter chat and whatnottery.

25 June 2012

Planks of four

Bash! The Ramble return to London and all their recording equipment, inexplicably has survived the journey...and what a couple of days it's been in one of the most exciting tournaments in recent memory! [email protected] for all your emails and pictures of Marcus in drag.

20 June 2012

Budte zdorovi

And so the Ramble team leave Kiev with love in the heart and salo in their bellies. [email protected] for all your chatty chits! See you back in old Blighty...

17 June 2012

Lavender Beer

Bash! Another Ramble comin' atcha recorded live in Kiev. Warning: may contain hungover men.

16 June 2012

Free the Ramble one

The Ramble boys, minus Pete, record their first show from Kiev. There's talk of dog gangs, pig fat, Jay from the boy band 5ive and the usual round up of all the games we've seen so far. If you come across Pete, please return him to Horodetskogo St, Kiev, or contact a local police officer.

14 June 2012
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