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Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang

30 September 2014

The Football Ramble show archive

Berence Brent Barby

Goldilocks is back from her Jordanian adventure, so we're back to full strength once more, as the FA Cup gets all won up all nice, El Diego makes a welcome return to his corner, and Pete falls in love with a West Ham youngster.

18 May 2011

Al-Mamlaka al-Urduniyya al-Hashemiyya

Marcus has buggered off to Jordan this week, so in his wake the three remaining Ramblers try to pull together a show, with varying results. As always, get in touch on and the hairy one will be back next week! Bo!

10 May 2011

Barry Chuckle

This week the boys do their best to derail a profile detailing the life of one of Pete's personal heroes, we take a trip to Diego corner once more, and we hear about an Everton supporter who bloody loves Phil Neville. As always, for all your bits and indeed your bobs...

4 May 2011

A granny is an old child

This week, Marcus tries out some 'drug talk' on the boys, Luke is on his second podcast of the day, and Jim is just plain hungover. Pete is as sexy and professional as always. If you'd like to say hullo, it's and make sure you have a looky loo at our forum. Love to ya mothers, Pete x

27 April 2011


Pete's back in the Ramble groove this week, so we've prepared an extra special treat for him (even though he didn't bring us back any presents.) Also in the show, we look at the FA Cup weekend just gone, and hand out handfuls of props to Gustavo and his victorious Brighton team. As always, if you wanna say hi or send us an email jingle or something, get involved on

20 April 2011

In Lehmann’s Terms

With Pete still away, Planet Ramble just about keeps on spinning as the boys talk about Big Mad Mental Jens' return to Premier League football, Phil Neville and a man who's apparently been dubbed the Romanian Mourinho. Elsewhere, Zizou proves that he doesn't have to still be playing the game to hand out a legendary merking. Pete's back next week, so why not email us to celebrate:

13 April 2011

The Statue is Mine

After finding themselves a man down due to Pete popping across the pond to the US of A, the three remaining Ramblers set about giving the football news stories of the week a working over. There's the new expensive statue in west London (not Torres), the Milan derby and a horrendously underrated player entered into the DWHoF. As always, abuse, death threats and ridicule to, or find us in the forum.

6 April 2011

Pass the Blue WKD

The Ramblers are back in a full-length, full-fat adventure after last week's debacle. The DWHOF is back in earnest and they take a look at the weekend's international funfun. As always, is the email address wot matters.

30 March 2011

Purple Rain

Fate befalls the ramblers this week. A fate worse than a confusing bib - keep listening for the 411, yo. As always, for all your dispatches from the front line of football...and your email jingles. And we promise...we will be back to full strength by next week.

23 March 2011

The Messi vendor

Apologies for the tardiness of this week's slice of Ramble cake, we had a bit of a problem with the mics, so pete had to climb inside his computer and clean its pipes. As a result tiny wee bits of the show may sound a little strange to the avid Rambler, but we can guarantee this will be resolved by next week, nay bother. As always, for all your emails and jingles and drawings of what cows might look like in 3030.

16 March 2011

The Papa Bouba Diop Bros.

This week, the Ramble team had precisely one hour to get a show in the can before running into the front room and watching the Barca-Arsa match. Did they manage to get it done in time? You're about to find out. Thanks to Ed Wenn of for a fabulous jingle this week, and make sure you update your address book - we're now at on the emails. Cheers!

8 March 2011


The Ramblers take down the League Cup final's particulars, Luke gets all hot for the Nuge (so what's new?) and Udinese put on a bit of a spread. As always, emails and email jingles to (try and beat this week's jingy...) or meet us in the forum! Cheers.

2 March 2011
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