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24 August 2015

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John Roder celebrate

The Ramblers climb upon the Ramblehorse once more, fresh from no less than two FA Cup matches. As always, if you'd like to get in touch and slam us upside the head with some chitter-chat, feel free... [email protected] for all of that.

17 April 2012

No swearing in the profile

Boosh! As we head into the final furlong of the oddest football season in recent memory, another Ramble smashes forth from its eggy birth-mess, and climbs into your ears. In a nice way, though. [email protected] for all your chitter-chatter-chiffle-choff.

11 April 2012

Mouldmasters of the universe

'This question has brought out the absolute worst in us' says Lukey Moore a couple of minutes in, and we imagine the world can only sit there and agree. Thanks for listening to this absolute gob for 5 years. [email protected] for all your drawings of Luke's german sausage.

4 April 2012

Professor unit

Easy Ruzzles! It's the Football Ramble, it's back again all nice in your ears - this week talk turns to plans for Real Madrid Island, Pulis and his shiny brass testicles, plus Paulo Di Canio. [email protected] for all your drawings, poems and video clips of dogs doing funny things.

28 March 2012

Shreeves Tuesday

Another week of soccerballs laid bare by some Ramblefolk - we talk FC Schalke 04, Metalist Kharkov, and Rickie Lambert (celebrate.) If you'd like to say 'hi', be our guest - [email protected]

21 March 2012

Diamond Lights

Upload when we want....upload when we want! We're the Ramble, we upload when we want. Apologies for lateness, we wanted to finish watching that Chelsea match. As always, [email protected] for maximum email-iness.

14 March 2012

Marking fictionally

Another hectic week both on and off the field for the Football Ramble to take in. For example, Pete bought a ukelele on Friday. Scenes. And yes, we did realise that we forgot to give away the Cup Winner's Cup Twitter account - if you'd like to bag it, then [email protected] for all your emails.

6 March 2012

Feed the Pogrebnyak

Howdy! It's Wednesday, so no doubt you're wondering where the heck your weekly dose of football nonsense is. It's here. Right here. Enjoy it, hold it to your chest, grind it into a fine powder and stir it into a nice whiskey if you want. It's yours. It's free. It's the Football Ramble. If you want the chance to own the account, send us a dispatch on [email protected] - we'll give it to the best emailer next week. Love to your mothers!

29 February 2012

And we’re live…

The Ramblers transmit their very first live video podcast into the internet-ether. Good job somebody had the foresight to press 'record' and 'play' on the old tape recorder, then. And here is the audio version, down your podcast pipe. We may broadcast a live show again, so make sure you keep your eyes firmly squidged up to your browser - for further information. As always, [email protected] for all your hearsay and heresy.

21 February 2012

Two minute warning

Better late than never! The boys are here to give you a (day after) Valentine's day soccer smooch. For all your emails and drawings of Marcus if he was a wolf email [email protected]

15 February 2012

Don’t slave to the result

This week the Ramblers had plenty to discuss in Europe and beyond - so they did. As always teamsters - we can be contacted on our website and at [email protected] Check out our blogs! 'Yee haw.'

8 February 2012

Mars vs Reid vs ice-cream

The Ramblers convene a day before the Jim White-sponsored day of immense stupidity and bluster, or 'transfer deadline day' for purists. So naturally we pretty much completely ignore the very notion of players moving clubs, instead concentrating on the important business of the Indian Premier League. As always, if you'd like to drop us a line, we can be roused at [email protected] - and remember, we love you and only want the best for you. Px

1 February 2012
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