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Unbelievable belief

23 March 2015

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50 grand in a suitcase

Another week, another lower league club getting well and truly shafted. Seconds before the show begins uploading, we're told that Darlington Football Club is dead, then five minutes later we've got fans turning up on the administrator's door with 50k in a suitcase. Which way will this go? Who the heck knows. What's not up for discussion is the fact that if you'd like to contact the show, [email protected] is the way to do it. BASHOLA!

18 January 2012

Sitting in a tin can

First things first, happy birthday David Bowie. Secondly, a podcast happened. Have a listen if you like, shortacks. As always, for modelling contracts, furious LFC fan venting, and stories about silly things shouted at football games email [email protected] See you next week!

11 January 2012

We’re gonna need a cleaner boat

Happy 2012 Rambleforce! The boys are back once more to kick football in the testicles, and let the fun flow forth. As always, send forth all those emails to us on [email protected] - and drawings of Marcus. For some reason Luke's microphone is a bit quiet this week, so this'll either be your favourite episode ever or your least favourite. We'll sort it out for next week, though. Peace!

4 January 2012

Holt: Get him on that (cargo) plane

The final Ramble of the calendar year, and the boys are in high spirits. Just before Rambling, Pete and Marcus tried to fit inside an old extra large football shirt, and we all ate mince pies. Some football was talked about, as well - the results of which can be heard here. As always, [email protected] for all your shouting, and we will see you in 2012. Thanks so much for your continued support. It means a heck of a lot. Px

20 December 2011

Frosted-tip lowlights

Rambleforce...assemble! The team are back with their second last Ramble of the year - Luke had just returned from All Tomorrow's Parties, Pete was off his chuff on Sudafed, and Marcus was just Marcus. As always teamsters, [email protected] for all your correspondence.

14 December 2011

Oh…Shola Ameobi (OBE)

The Rambleguttersnipes take an early-December shufty at the weekend's football, recording (for the second week running) days after another much-loved footballer loses his life. Let's hope 2012 brings better luck for our soccerball heroes. As always, [email protected]

6 December 2011

Get one yourself son

The Ramblers reconvene the day after a pretty awful weekend for the sport, after the sad death of a Welsh great. As always, if you'd like to get in touch, [email protected] is your best bet.

29 November 2011

Humble Lasagna

Easy team! The Ramblers are back, and want everyone to be in their gang, inexplicably. Man City smash all known records with their feet and brains, and Blackburn score from the most curious corner kick you'll ever see. As always, [email protected] to say 'hullo', and make sure you've clicked 'attending' on the facebook wall (or emailed us) if you want to attend RAMBLEDRINKS 2011. It'll be fun, honest.

23 November 2011

Oh! England my Lionheart

The four Ramblers park the Ramblebus once more, and get down to some football chitter-chat on the back seats. If you'd like to say a big 'hullo' or come down to the Comedy Store on Monday, or attend Ramble drinks....get in touch here: [email protected] Fabbo!

15 November 2011

Spitting games

The Ramblers reconvene after another big weekend of 'soccerballz' - another peach from Kevin Phillips in the Championship, and the chance to induct another legend into the DWHOF. As always, [email protected] for chitty-chat, and get yourself to the FB to book your place at the Ramble Xmas drinks. Lovely stuff.

9 November 2011

Some strikers are bigger than others

This week, our intrepid Ramblers take in another barnstorming weekend in European soccer. They pop to Moldova to witness a ref receiving a right-hander, and The Czech Republic to see one stumble around the pitch, as drunk as a Lord. As always, [email protected] for all your bits and bobs. PIP PIP

2 November 2011

Late night love

What a week it's been for football, for fireworks and for people who love a good lol. This week the Ramblers talk about you know who-telli, some Ghanaian refs get some time off, and the world takes a sharp intake of breath as they wait to see if Lukey can retain the Going For Glold crown. As always, [email protected] for the chance to win a copy of PES2012.

26 October 2011
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