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2 March 2015

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Ghost mam

So the guys are back for more Ramble loveliness. Remember, British Eurosport HD will be showing every match of the Africa Cup of Nations LIVE.

13 January 2015

This is what the game of association football can do to one

Happy 2014 everyone! Oh wait, no. 2015. Jesus, that sounds bad. Is that bad? 15. Crumbs.

6 January 2015

All the trimmings


30 December 2014

Toilet copter

The boymen are back to separate the other boymen from the menboys. Enjoy them, and have a luffly christmas break, ya beauts. We'll be back on the 30th!

16 December 2014

Lythe Blatherers

A new week, a new Ramble. It's just how it works. Love you all x

10 December 2014

Boo hiss

The boys are back for more RAMBLEFUN. Feel us. [email protected] for all your chat!

2 December 2014

Smurf thought stealer

It's Ramble time, are you READY FOR US? [email protected] for all ya yap. Bring it on, ya mothers!

24 November 2014

Kevin Lasagne

The guys are back with a show post-international break. Fifa, as always get a mention. [email protected] if you'd like to say hi, or invite Pete to your tedious stag do.

17 November 2014

Movies games and videos

The swarthy Ramblers return from a fact-finding mission to Berlin. [email protected] for all ya yap.

10 November 2014


The doofuses from Ramble HQ return, droning on about drones and that.

4 November 2014

Horse snowballs

The guys are back with the usual array of football yap and technical problems. Email us at [email protected] ya suckaz! x

29 October 2014

Milky milky

Hey now, hey now....your boyfriend's back. As long as your boyfriend is The Football Ramble.

21 October 2014