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Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang

30 September 2014

The Football Ramble show archive


Ramble. It's happening again, mother.... for all ya yap! x

11 July 2014

Brazil vs Germany - the reaction

The boys are back again for more Ramble. for all ya yap.

8 July 2014

FIFA kickbacks

The boys are back in town, and doing a nice ramble all lovely and that. Will you sit down and endure the fruits of their labour? for all your chitter-chat and whatnottery. xx

6 July 2014

Neuer Neuer pants on foyer

Bang! And just like that...the ramblers appeared. for your yappage most lovely.

4 July 2014

The Hamez Ramble

The Ramblers are rambling. Again. It's just what they do. for all ya yap! Love you xx

30 June 2014

Darkness on the edge of Natal

Luis Suarez is as cold as ice girl, we should know we've been to the North Pole. His soul is black as death girl, we should know we have crossed the threshold. BUT STILL OUR HEART SWEATS! Meanwhile, Russia are out and Fabio Capello doesn't give a monkeys, Algeria are through and most certainly DO give a monkeys and everybody wants to be like Colombia. The first round is dead. The second round is like a son to us now.

28 June 2014

Reality Bites

Blah blah blah football is back, Luke is back and we are all back having a lovely time talking about football. for all your chitter-chat. Believe! x

25 June 2014

Starkus Speller

The team are back without Luke but with big stupid frowns on our faces. for all ya yap. Px

20 June 2014

Gone to pot

The team are back (sans Jim as it's his birthday) so have a listen to what they have to say about the football, okay? for all ya yappery.

18 June 2014

The pains of being a physio at heart

The Ramblers are back and talking all things World Cup, including England's defeat to Italy, Spain's capitulation at the hands of Netherlands and everything else that's happened in Brazil over the past few days. WORLD CUP WORLD CUP WORLD CUP WORLD CUP IS BRILLZOS

15 June 2014

And we’re off!

The Ramblers pop in with a quick missive now the World Cup is finally underway. Discussed are the opening games between Brazil and Croatia and Cameroon and Mexico, and there's plenty of time for refereeing conspiracy theories...

13 June 2014

Early mench

The team are here with the first of like a bazillion wolrd cup podcasts. Steel yourself. Winter is coming, or something. for all ya yap. DO IT.

10 June 2014