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Premier League Preview Show: 27 Nov 2015

27 November 2015

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The Football Ramble show archive

The definite Steve-icle

We're back to a full strength team as Pete returns to the fold with tales of his #travels, and as always there's a terrible Newcastle result to welcome him home, complete with horse punching. Elsewhere, there's the rest of the Premier League to dissect and as always your highlights of the week, as well as a certain Aston Villa manager falling foul of the dreaded #Moorestradamus... We'll be back on Friday. Keep it Ramble, you lot.

26 October 2015

The Football Ramble Preview: 23rd October 2015

This week, the boys chat about the two big derbies in the north east and Manchester, and spend a bit of time down on the sunny south coast for Spurs' visit to Bournemouth. There's also time for some Liverpool and Southampton chat and a brand new feature in which listeners tell us their #HopesandFears for their team's upcoming game.

23 October 2015

I’m a Survivor

This Monday on your favourite football podcast, the boys pore over Jurgen Klopp's debut with Liverpool at White Hart Lane, the net closing in on poor old Tim and Newcastle's party at Norwich's expense. We'll be back on Friday with our next Premier League Preview show and you can keep up throughout the week by visiting!

20 October 2015

The Football Ramble Preview: 16th Oct 2015

In the first Football Ramble Preview of the season, the boys look to Jurgen Klopp's debut at White Hart Lane with Liverpool, Big Sam's bow at Sunderland and high-stakes encounter at Stamford Bridge. Will Sherwood delay the inevitable?

16 October 2015

Strange Hill

The Ramblers reconvene on a patch of waste ground to talk through the International non-break, and non-league day. Will they ever shut up? Non. [email protected] to hear your name up in lights, or something.

12 October 2015

The egg and sack race

Team Ramble returns with another show from Ramble HQ. Rodgers and Dick gone, famous Brazilians in ditches left right and centre...let's just say there's enough to get through. US listeners - from this week the Ramble will now be available twice a week on SiriusXM FC (Channel 85) 1pm ET Tuesday and Thursday. [email protected]

5 October 2015

Pernicious projectiles

The Ramblehunks assemble once again with an almost complete compliment of idiots - Lewandowski impresses in perhaps the most spectacular way possible and the Diego Tardelli gets a blower in the kisser. [email protected] for all your foul real-life tales of woe and success.

28 September 2015

It’s your letters

The remaining members of the football ramble muscle through a weekend of soccer footfoot. Spellsy and Petey, live and unleashed! Warning: contains your correspondence. [email protected] for ya yap! xx

21 September 2015

Flower vs bee

This week, the Ramble tackle Tim Sherwood's existential breakdown, United's win over a listless Liverpool, Steven Naismith's single-handed victory over Chelsea and still have time to talk about sexy ladies in Ghana. What's more, they get through your highlights of the week and Marcus laments a poor performance from his beloved Jam Tarts.

14 September 2015

Spellman’s World

The Football Ramble man dem glory in the Three Lions' destruction of lowly San Marino and Wayne Rooney's 49th international goal. There's also time for other home nations chat as well as an interesting section on the bizarre gift Pete recently bought for his parents, and Marcus entertains us all with a pretty decent Scatman John impression. The Football Ramble - enjoying the international break so you don't have to.

8 September 2015

Pjanic on the streets of nous house

The Ramblers are back clawing their way through the crunchy apple crumble that is modern football. They talk Balotelli, the breaking of the Anfield Irons hoodoo, and Sherwood. Always Sherwood.

31 August 2015


It's a new week and a new Ramble as the four reprobates chat about Bournemouth's first win as a Premier League outfit, Man City's dominance and John Terry's week from hell. There's also room for talk of a shock result in Nigeria, your highlights of the week and a welcome return for the Corrections and Clarifications section after Luke made a boo-boo last week. Listen, download, ignore. It's your choice, guys.

24 August 2015